Members benefit from both the opportunity to share their news with our extensive travel trade database, and to receive our newsletters on a daily or weekly basis.

ATTA® aims to be a trusted and reliable source of information, one of our main roles as an association is to channel information and breaking news to our membership and the travel trade at large. This service enables members and global travel trade to keep abreast of the rapidly changing affairs of tourism in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.

Our members are able to submit news they want disseminated to the membership community and media through the dashboard. This news is distributed via emails in three ways according to priority:

  1. Daily (low priority) - one summary every single day of all ATTA® news, member-specific news, job advertisements, new member introductions and other member’s announcements. And, all members' news is shared in a weekly digest to ATTA®’s media database.
  2. Urgent (High Priority) - news will be sent separately and marked for your urgent attention, usually about emergencies in Africa and/or the Indian Ocean Islands
  3. Memos - sent separately and contain briefings or more important information. These include invitations to networking events, webinars, training and so on, along with the opportunity to exhibit at various trade shows and sponsorship opportunities.

A summary of news from our members is also distributed on a weekly basis to all our media contacts.

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