ATTA® Webinars provide all supplier members the opportunity to host a webinar with the full support of the ATTA® HQ team. The webinars are a fantastic way share in-depth destination and product knowledge, providing real time training for fellow members, operators, agents and home workers without leaving their office. 

The webinars are currently held on a Wednesday at 1000 (UK) or a Thursday at 1400 (UK) 

ATTA® members and our wider database of contacts are invited to attend the webinars and we regularly have over 150 people register to attend. Each webinar is recorded and shared with those who registered. The recording is also posted in the ATTA® webinar library for members to refer to at their leisure.

The webinar library is a valuable resource to learn about new and existing destinations and products from across the African continent and Indian Ocean Islands.

If you would like to look at hosting your own webinar with ATTA® please contact us

Recent Webinars