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An ATTA® membership provides you with a marque of trust & access to the who's who within our membership, strengthening your network and / or product reach

ATTA is the largest association serving and supporting business leaders in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. We have almost 30 years of service in tirelessly promoting African and Indian Ocean tourism to a worldwide audience.

With over 615 members, we represent Africa and the Indian Ocean Island’s largest network of tourism product, covering not only accommodation and travel specialists in Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands, but a formidable selection of tour operators, representation and PR and marketing companies promoting tourism to Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. ATTA has forged Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with similar organisations around the world forming an unprecedented network of travel specialists.

Whether you require our daily news updates, our training webinars or to participate within our trade shows & networking events, join our knowledgeable and experienced membership to increase awareness and visibility of your company.