21 Dec 2023

New Member - How Many Elephants

We're a non-profit organisation that is women-led, women-focused and impact-driven. We support African elephants and female rangers on the frontline globally. Why? To tackle climate change, we need healthy elephant populations and empowered women. Join us to make a difference.

  • Volunteer
  • Spread awareness about HME’s work in your blog/ newsletter/ social media
  • Book Founder, Holly Budge, to speak at your events/conferences etc
  • Write article about HME & Holly Budge’s work & impact
  • Buy Herd of Hope prints or stationery from howmanyelephants.shop
  • Get involved with World Female Ranger Week (June 23-30) through advocacy & promotion
  • Sponsor World Female Ranger Week
  • Introductions/ networking opportunities

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