27 Feb 2024

SATTE 2024 Connects Indian Tourism Market to Africa

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In an exclusive interaction with Travel And Tour World at SATTE 2024, Jon Danks, CEO of ATTA® (African Travel and Tourism Association), shared insights into how African Travel and Tourism Association is bridging the gap between Africa and the Indian market.

With over three decades of experience in promoting African tourism, African Travel and Tourism Association has established itself as a pivotal platform for accurate and informative news dissemination related to the African continent and Indian Ocean islands.

Jon Danks highlighted the importance of SATTE 2024, describing it as a crucial event for African Travel and Tourism Association. He emphasized the significance of the platform in facilitating connections and fostering relationships between the African tourism sector and the Indian market.

According to Jon Danks, Africa’s allure lies in its diverse landscapes, rich cultures, and unparalleled wildlife experiences, making it a land of wonders eagerly explored by travelers from around the globe, including India.

ATTA®’s approach to promoting Africa to the Indian market involves leveraging its trusted platform to share news and updates from its members, who range from tourism boards to individual operators across Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. Members benefit from the ability to share their latest offerings and developments through ATTA®’s channels, ensuring that the Indian market is well-informed about the unique travel opportunities available.

Jon Danks also mentioned the daily and weekly news summaries provided by African Travel and Tourism Association to its members and media contacts, respectively. This initiative ensures that stakeholders within and outside Africa stay updated on the latest trends, events, and opportunities in African tourism.

Under Jon Danks’ leadership, African Travel and Tourism Association has been instrumental in promoting Africa as a destination of choice for Indian travelers. He believes that India, as one of the major markets for Africa, holds significant potential for mutual growth and collaboration in the tourism sector. Through events like SATTE 2024, African Travel and Tourism Association aims to connect the Indian market with Africa’s tourism industry, thereby fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Africa’s natural beauty and cultural heritage among Indian travelers.

In conclusion, Jon Danks’ vision for African Travel and Tourism Association involves not just promoting African tourism but also creating a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship between Africa and the Indian market. Through continuous efforts and strategic initiatives, ATTA® is poised to play a key role in bringing the wonders of Africa closer to Indian travelers, thereby contributing to the growth and diversification of the continent’s tourism industry.

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Source: Travel and Tour World

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