04 Apr 2024

Ethiopian Airlines Inaugurates the New Jinka Airport Terminal in Southern Ethiopia

Jinka Airport Inaugural Ceremony.jpg

Ethiopian Airlines Group inaugurated a new terminal and support facilities at Jinka Airport in southern Ethiopia. The $8 million project included a 3,500 square metre terminal building with modern passenger amenities like departure and VIP lounges.

Ethiopian's CEO Mesfin Tasew said the upgraded Jinka Airport will enhance the travel experience, boosting trade and tourism in the region. The new facilities create a comfortable transit point for tourists visiting the exotic people, culture and nature of southern Ethiopia.

At its Addis Ababa hub, Ethiopian offers seamless connections for passengers transiting through. The national carrier is investing in airport upgrades across Ethiopia to transform the country's aviation infrastructure and provide improved customer service.

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Zambia’s Liuwa Plain National Park Opens Early for 2024 Season

Liuwa Plain National Park in western Zambia opened on 1 March this year, earlier than usual, due to drier conditions from reduced summer rains. The park is now accessible for self-drive visitors and guided game drives to spot lions, cheetahs, wildebeest and prolific birdlife.

Liuwa is famed for hosting the world's second largest wildebeest migration after the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. Its wetlands are typically inundated during the annual Kuomboka festival when the Lozi king relocates to higher ground.

Visitors can travel by road from Lusaka via Kafue National Park or fly by private charter to Liuwa's airstrip. A new camp opened late last year, adding to accommodation options for exploring this unique park.

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Source: Ethiopian Airlines

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