28 Mar 2024

ATTA® Recording - Samara Karoo Reserve, A Love Letter to the Karoo

Award-winning Samara Karoo Reserve is a conservation journey on 67,000 acres of born-again wilderness in South Africa’s heart-stoppingly beautiful Great Karoo region.

Founded in 1997, Samara has pioneered the rewilding of this semi-arid yet uniquely biodiverse landscape, catalysing an ambitious vision to expand the conservation estate to a 3-million-acre footprint in a Global Biodiversity Hotspot.

Today Samara is one of South Africa’s most diverse safari destinations, comprising five vegetation biomes across strikingly varied topography, home to over 60 mammal species including the Big Five and cheetah, as well as 225 bird species.

Three intimate lodges with a true sense of place welcome guests for considered, meaningful and exceptional safari encounters in a malaria-free environment.

Every guest that stays at Samara plays a role in safeguarding the landscape in perpetuity. Yet Samara’s magic runs deeper. To immerse oneself in this soulful landscape of infinite horizons is to experience a recalibration of the frantic modern mindset, a deep reconnection with Nature and a heart-lifting vision of hope for the future.

Visit our website here and watch our introductory video here.

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