08 May 2024

Asilia Giving


With a busy and successful sales period drawing to a close, everyone here at Asilia is looking forward to the start of a new travel season. As your clients begin to arrive at our camps, we make it our mission to provide them with an immersive and authentic safari experience. Each night your clients spend at an Asilia camp generates a contribution towards Asilia Giving. Asilia Giving raises funds exclusively for positive impact initiatives that are focused on the natural ecosystems in which we operate and the communities residing there.

In 2023/24 the Asilia Giving programme raised more than US$220,000 via the US$5 per person per night Asilia Conservation Charge alone. This was only possible through the guests that you, our agent partners, placed in Asilia camps! This incredible contribution has allowed Asilia Giving to financially support various nonprofit community development and conservation organisations, many of which operate in the areas where our camps and lodges are located. These organisations are our implementing partners with boots on the ground and your support has been vital to their success.

The Asilia Giving Conservation charge was an industry-first when it was introduced in 2015 and has not changed in all that time. The challenges faced within these ecosystems have increased and our resolve to support communities and nature thriving together has strengthened further.

To support these efforts, from 1 June 2024 the Asilia Conservation Charge will increase from US$5 per person per night to US$10 per person per night. This will be applicable to all new bookings travelling after 1 June 2024 and will be included in our upcoming rate sheet updates.

100% of the funds raised through the increased conservation charge will continue to be funnelled directly into our positive impact initiatives and our implementing partners’ projects. This increase is significant and, to further amplify the impact of these guest contributions, Nawiri Group has pledged to match all Asilia Giving nightly contributions from 1 June onwards, thus quadrupling your client’s impact from the previous US$5 to US$20 for each night they stay in an Asilia camp!

In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic, Asilia became an integral part of the Nawiri Group, whose over-arching goal is to protect vital natural ecosystems and support local communities in win-win models that benefit nature and people alike. Nawiri Group is a purpose-led group of companies with backing from long-term impact investors whose primary aim is to drive positive impact in the region. The Group combines commercial success with multi-million-dollar grant funding commitments to support ecosystems to thrive in harmony with their custodian communities.

Please allow us to take this opportunity to say thank you for your continued support. The contributions that are made via the clients you send to Asilia are vital for the good work to continue. This travel season is set to be another incredibly busy few months and we can’t wait to welcome your clients to camp!

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