02 Feb 2024

Asia-Pacific and Africa Ecotourism Market To Reach $150.9 Billion by 2027


Ecotourism in Asia-Pacific & Africa, valued at $64.4B in 2021, to hit $150.9B by 2027, grows at 14% CAGR, driven by green travel & unique experiences.

In 2021, the ecotourism market in Asia-Pacific and Africa was valued at approximately $64.4 billion, with expectations to surge to around $150.9 billion by 2027, showcasing an annual growth rate of 14.0% from 2022 to 2027.

Defined by the global ecotourism network as travel that is both environmentally responsible and supports the welfare of local communities while promoting understanding and education, ecotourism has gained traction as a way to connect with nature and support sustainable practices. This type of tourism focuses on visiting untouched natural areas, emphasizing the protection of wildlife, plants, and local culture. The interest in sustainable travel options, including green transportation and zero waste practices, along with a desire for unique experiences, has fueled the expansion of ecotourism in these regions.

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Source: Travel and Tour World

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