08 May 2024

African adventures get active and eco-friendly boost


Immersive, active safari experiences are surging in popularity across Africa this year. Philip Rendel of Where It All Began reports a 30% rise in bookings for adventurous options compared to 2023. These include walking, horseback riding, and cycling safaris. 

"Travellers can reach areas inaccessible by vehicles and connect with local communities," explains Rendel. "There's a shift away from traditional base camps. Travellers now prefer multi-destination adventures, going from point A to point B, rather than returning to the same base each evening." 

This trend aligns with a growing desire for sustainable travel. Rendel highlights the significantly lower carbon footprint of these emission-free adventures. Cycling, for example, allows access to remote wilderness areas while fostering a deeper connection with nature. 

Industry data reinforces this shift, showing that 76% of travellers prioritise eco-conscious travel options. This figure jumps to 77% among young adults aged 18-29. For travel advisors, promoting immersive and sustainable experiences is key to meeting evolving client preferences. 

"Making these active, low-impact experiences mainstream will open up a whole new way to explore Africa's landscapes, wildlife, and cultures," Rendel concludes. "It caters to current demands while driving positive change for the continent." 

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Source: Travel Agent Central

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