25 Jan 2024

Africa’s 10 ‘Most Open’ Countries For Travel



SPECIAL REPORT | BIRD AGENCY | In the past eight years, 35 countries have improved their visa policies and, since 2016, five countries have abolished all visa requirements for African travellers.

As a result, citizens of at least five countries can now enjoy visa-free travel in 42 different countries, compared to just three in 2020.

According to the Africa Development Bank’s Africa Visa Openness Report 2023, most countries are making progress towards simplifying entry processes and dropping restrictions for other nations.

The report also indicates that the free movement of people has advanced within Africa’s regional economic blocs. In the past year, six of the eight regional economic communities recognized by the African Union have improved their members’ average visa openness.

West African countries are leading the rankings, with most of the top 10 performers being from this region. In fact, in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), 97% of country-to-country travel routes are visa-free for citizens of the region.

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