24 Jun 2024

Webinar Recording - Kenya: So Much More

Step into the world of Magical Kenya, where diversity, innovation, and authenticity meet to offer visitors an unforgettable experience. In this webinar, we will take you on a designed journey through the highlights of Magical Kenya:

  • Hidden Gems: Uncover the hidden treasures scattered throughout Kenya, from lesser-known attractions to off-the-beaten-path experiences that promise to surprise and delight even the most seasoned travelers.
  • Offerings and Experiences: Dive into the diverse range of offerings and experiences that await visitors in Magical Kenya, catering to diverse travel interests and preferences
  • Flight Connectivity: Explore the seamless flight connections that make traveling to and within Kenya effortless, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free journey for visitors from around the globe.
  • Every type of traveler – from the adventurous backpackers to families seeking unforgettable moments, and from youth travelers craving excitement to sun, sea, and sand seekers in search of relaxation.

Through this webinar, the Kenya Tourism Board in collaboration with the Kenya Airways and Nomad Africa presents you an opportunity to rediscover the unique allure of Magical Kenya and showcase the endless possibilities that await travelers seeking to explore this extraordinary destination.

For presentation slides : Magical Kenya, More Than A Destination

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