08 Apr 2024

Webinar Recording - Just a Drop: Collaborate on impactful ESG initiatives for your business.

Just a Drop is an international sustainable water charity providing safe water access to at risk communities alongside water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) education. We were founded by Fiona Jeffery OBE in 1998 and have continued to make lasting impact through grassroot projects across the world and in particular, Africa.  

Join us to learn about Just a Drop's journey over the past 25 years, providing safe water solutions and grassroot community development training in sanitation, menstrual health, sustainable agriculture and more. Discover how your organisation can engage and partner with us, contributing to our life-changing safe water initiatives and making a significant impact on communities in need. Gain insights into our hospitality initiatives, which are cost-free to install and operate, that will boost your businesses sustainability and ESG profile while supporting our safe water development projects in African sites in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia. 

Just a Drop has historical links with ATTA® through our founder, Fiona Jeffery OBE, who proudly served as an ATTA® board member from 2014 and as Chair from 2018 to 2020. This organisational link to ATTA® has bolstered our fervent dedication to promoting responsible tourism practices in Africa. 

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