13 Jul 2020

Support the ‘Botswana Emergency Fund’ with UK charity, How Many Elephants Mystery die-off cause still to be announced




It has been verified on Friday July 10th, in a press conference held by the Botswanan Government, that 281 elephant carcasses have been found since May 2020, in the Okavango Eastern Panhandle in Botswana.

Acting Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources, Conservation and Tourism, Dr. Oduetse Koboto, has reported that investigations are still ongoing and that they are corroborating evidence from various sources such as the Botswana Police Service, National Parks, Botswana Defence Force and local NGOs.

At this stage the Government is not ruling out anything in terms of scientific elements or human intervention. Minister Koboto named the two local NGOs they are working with as CARACAL (Centre for Africa’s Resources, Animals, Communities and Land Use) and Ecoexist. The results from these investigations are still to be announced.

How Many Elephants, a UK registered charity, set up a Botswana Emergency Fund last week to assist NGO’s working to identify the cause of the die off.

“The future of the African Elephant is at a tipping point, having already been dealt a blow by the collapse of ecotourism due to Covid-19. Elephants are a keystone species; They play an indispensable role in the healthy functioning of the larger ecosystem. Losing these important ecosystem engineers is of extreme detriment to the environment and beyond. This is a horrific and serious story affecting not only biodiversity but potentially public health too” says Holly Budge, Founder of How Many Elephants.

To support the How Many Elephants Emergency Botswana Fund, visit https://bit.ly/HMEEmergencyFund