22 Jan 2024

Reduce airfares to boost regional tourism, Kenya and Uganda told.

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The Kenyan and Ugandan governments have been urged to cut travel barriers, especially air transport, to boost tourism of the two nations.

Uganda Consul General to Kenya Paul Mukumbya said there are a lot of improvements in travel policies between the two countries.

“Right now, a Kenyan can travel to Uganda using a national identity card and a Ugandan can travel to Kenya on just a national ID. That is a very good policy that facilitates travel between the two countries,” he said.

However, despite having the existing policy documents, Mukumbya said there are still a few challenges, especially the cost of air travel.

“You can imagine it is cheaper to travel from Mombasa or Entebbe to Dubai than to travel from Uganda to Kenya, and that is why the two governments need to do more in terms of reduction on taxes on air travel,” he said.

The consul said making regional travel operate like domestic flights will cut cost and grow the number of regional tourists.

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Source: KATA

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