08 Apr 2024

KQ to Change Airbus Lease From Wet to Damp, With Training of Crew


Kenya Airways (KQ) has commenced training sessions for its cabin crew, aiming to replace the current staff provided under the Airbus wet lease agreement.

With a target of training 60 cabin crew members, KQ has already commenced training for 30 personnel, with specialised trainers deployed for the task.

To facilitate this transition, KQ intends to shift the terms of the lease from wet to damp, accommodating the necessary personnel adjustments.

In a damp lease arrangement, the lessor provides the aircraft, flight crew, and maintenance, while the lessee assumes responsibility for cabin crew provision, a model sometimes referred to as a moist lease.

Language barriers and divergent customer service approaches within the cabin have led to service disruptions, prompting KQ’s decision to take proactive measures.

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Source: Busienss Day Africa

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