19 Jan 2023

key trends for air travel 2023

The push for the widespread adoption of environment-friendly air travel is expected to gather momentum this year as the airline industry aggressively implements measures to curtail carbon emissions.

The industry, a key driver for tourism and economic growth, has largely emerged from what was its darkest period as the pandemic wreaked havoc across the world. But it is under huge pressure to do more to reduce aviation’s contributions to the warming of the planet, including fast-tracking the adoption of more-sustainable fuels.

Another notable trend for the year is likely to be the surge in demand for airline and airport staff, especially pilots, fuelled by the continued growth in air travel.

In all this, there is reason to be optimistic about the future of air travel in South Africa and across the world as we look ahead to key industry themes that will likely dominate 2023.

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Source: CMW

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