26 Jun 2024

Kenya Tourism Federation Statement on Finance Bill Demonstrations 26th June 2024

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Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF) is the national apex body of the tourism private sector in Kenya, with the core mandate to advocate for enabling policies to grow, protect and sustain the tourism sector.

Kenya has witnessed demonstrations in various locations across the country to protest the 2024 Finance Bill. These demonstrations were communicated in advance and were intended to be peaceful. As the apex body in tourism, we are deeply concerned with the events that unfolded yesterday, 25th June, 2024, where the demonstrations turned violent after the Finance Bill was passed. Our heartfelt condolences go to all the bereaved families.

KTF acknowledges that the events of 25th June may have caused anxiety amongst tourism stakeholders and intending visitors and we wish to advise that the demonstrations: -

  1. Reflect the democratic rights of citizens in shaping their country's policies similar to what takes place in other parts of the world. Such demonstrations are however always targeted to remain peaceful.
  2. Are largely situated within the urban centers and Kenya's tourism sites and attractions have not been directly affected.
  3. Do not in any way target tourists; and the thousands of tourists currently in the country are all safe and sound enjoying their holidays as planned.
  4. Tourist circuits across the country have not reported any incidents, whilst movement through the airports, airstrips and hotels continues as normal and all have remained accessible.

The situation in the country is returning to calm and in his address to the Nation, H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya has assured that security will be restored. This has been echoed by statements from several other leaders all calling for peace as citizens exercise their rights to demonstrate.

The KTF-Safety Centre remains alert, actively monitoring the situation and will dispatch real-time updates as the situation demands. We encourage all travelers to stay informed through reliable sources and official channels to ensure that your visit to Kenya is as enjoyable and memorable as ever.

Kenya Tourism Federation Statement on Finance Bill Demostrations 26th June 2024..pdf

Source: Kenya Tourism Federation

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