16 Feb 2024

Wings and Wheels from Green Safaris: Internal Flights Included in 2024


These days, booking an African safari is a fascinating exercise in contrasts. Guests seek luxury and comfort in some of the wildest places left on earth. Travellers want ‘untouched’ wilderness… but they’re starting to question having to drive sixteen hours or pay large sums for a private charter flight to get to it. Very strange.

So Green Safaris is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking change in 2024, making travel to our remote luxury properties in Zambia and Malawi more seamless and hassle-free than ever – for our guests and for our travel professionals.

The Wings and Wheels Special

From the start of 2024, all final transfer flights and drives to, from, or in between our lodges (for Green Safaris bookings of 4 nights or more overall) will be included in guest stays.

Flying from Lusaka to Chisa Busanga? Included. From Shawa Luangwa to Kaya Mawa on Lake Malawi? Included. From… well you get the idea. We have a map on our website if that helps.

This also means that staying at more than one of our properties just makes sense! And despite our ambitious offer, our rates for 2024 have seen little changes.

Addressing Flight Shame

Whilst including internal flights in our operations is clearly in our guests’ best interests, Green Safaris remains dedicated to making decisions that make sense for our ecosystems and communities.

That is why our team is currently working on a Carbon Offset programme that will ensure our reforestation and other carbon offset initiatives increase to match. We don’t want to make promises we can’t fulfil, so we will only be officially announcing this programme once it is in action.

Terms and Conditions apply to this special, of course. For example, this special cannot be combined with other discounts such as Resident Rates. All details are listed in our new rate sheets, but please do ask our Reservations or Sales Team if you have any further questions.

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