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Vamoos is the app for hotels, villas and travel companies. Connect with your guests and provide all the information they need to transform their experience – from the moment they book until after they leave. 

It has over 25 different features which help you provide the very best guest experiences, from 24/7 messaging, beautiful imagery, daily itineraries, a countdown timer, offline accessibility, points of interest, push notifications, interactive maps to fully bookable services - all at the touch of a button.

Take advantage of 50% higher rebooking rates and increased customer loyalty. Provide an amazing customer experience, one that travellers and guests alike stay loyal to and recommend to friends and family.

ATTA® Member's Benefit

Suppliers can use it as a branded contactless APP to create contactless interatction with clients
Buyers can use it as a branded travel app for cilents itineraries at the touch of a button 
Create contactless interaction with clients 3 months free trial for all ATTA members

Available to All Members