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Claire Cooper HR offers advice, support and guidance on all Human Resource and People Management issues. We can get involved in a one off project or provide on-going consultancy to support your organisation as it grows.

Employment Policies and Procedures

Effective, user-friendly HR documents are essential for any organisation. Claire Cooper HR won't just provide a general document template.  Through in depth consultation Claire will create personalised HR documents that reflect the unique needs of your organisation.

We can create individual people managment documents or a complete Employee Handbook

Ask about our "Starter Pack" Employee Contract and Handbook which contains the essential documents to ensure your organisation is fully compliant with current legislation.

People Management Coaching

If you feel that you need advice and guidance to improve your HR skills then Claire can help.

Claire can spend time with you on a one-to-one basis provide personal advice and support to ensure you are full equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage your team professionally and effectively. Areas where people often require assistance include:

  • Tackling absence issues
  • Carrying out supervision meetings
  • Dealing with conduct problems
  • Managing performance.

On-going Support Service

People management can be complex so, if you feel that you need support on a continuous basis then a flexible, on or off-site, monthly service can also be arranged, tailored to suit your specific requirements. 

Other Services

  • Management of Recruitment & Selection including a range of recruitment materials.
  • Establishing Employee Record Systems.
  • HR Programme Design (for example Appraisal Systems).
  • Employee Health and Well-Being packages.

Advice and guidance on employment legislation and assistance in dealing with all people management issues.

ATTA® Member's Benefit

1 x free 30 minute telephone consultation per year on any People Management query per year.

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