Kilimanjaro Cable Car Project - A Very High Threat

ATTA® is supporting our members in Tanzania and our fellow organisation,  The Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO), in their quest to put a stop to the proposal to erect a permanent cable car up the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro . ATTA® promotes and encourages sustainable tourism which is in harmony with nature and the landscape as well as with the culture of the local people. This project achieves quite the reverse and we believe will have an irreparable impact on this iconic world heritage site.

According to The Kilimanjaro National Park Conservation Outlook Assessment this project is classed “A very high threat”

“A cableway would add considerably more pressure on the existing tourism pressures on the property through an estimated 50% increase in visitor numbers. The infrastructure will dramatically modify and intrude on the visual aesthetics of the property for which it was inscribed on the World Heritage List.  A new climbing route on the southern slope will increase the fragmentation of the fragile forest and heathland ecosystems, which are already highly impacted by tourism.  Tourism/ Recreation Areas (Cable car development) ▶ Very High Threat “

In their letter to The National Environmental Management Council , TATO are adamant that this world heritage site and global icon must be left intact and natural for future generations.

Many of our members across Africa and around the globe are passionate conservationists and may wish join the growing condemnation of this catastrophic plan by signing the petition or writing letters of concern to The Minister of Tourism

Tanzania Minister of Tourism - Hon Damas Ndumbaro


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