22 Feb 2024

Unleashing Power Of Storytelling in Wildlife Conservation


JOURNALISTS have been called upon to upscale the way they investigate, balance and report on environmental issues so as to save the country; its people and fauna and flora from extermination.

A seasoned Media Trainer and Mentor, Ms Pili Mtambalike, underscored the point in Bagamoyo recently where he guided members of the Journalists’ Environmental Association of Tanzania (JET) members from Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar on the ethos of journalism on that specialty.

In the tailor-made training class that was sponsored by the ‘USAID Tuhifadhi Maliasii Activity’, Ms Mtambalike noted that the journalist’s toolbox should go beyond facts and figures, instead seek to bring about the impact of storytelling.

She said storytelling engages and resonates with the audience, so journalists engaging in writing and broadcasting about environmental issues should understand the power of storytelling in captivating and involving the audience.

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Source: Daily News

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