27 Jul 2020

Safari Soul Episode 2: Cow Safaris? Hideaways and Venter Tours Speak ‘Out The Box’ Travel Ideas born in Lockdown


For some, lockdown has been fertile ground for the growth of new ideas. With adaptation a necessary truth, Hideaways has been tracking inspiring stories and fresh perspectives within tourism. Venter Tours, Germany, have chosen transformational travel, their new product certainly being “out the box” and into the tractor!

Caspar Venter joins Hideaways CEO Katja Quasdorf to inspire us with his story of adapting his approach in operating a travel company despite bans and restrictions. The pandemic has demanded new and innovative ideas, and Venter Tours have most certainly delivered. Challenging our ideas of immersing in nature, Caspar invites you to suspend your expectations and embark on a truly unique journey around his farm; “Cow Safari”.

Speaking through planting the seed of this farmyard safari concept, to reaping the rewards as his product gains popularity with both clients and media – Caspar will share his tale of resilience, a topic close to Katja’s heart. When one embodies the passion for curating meaningful travel experiences, they will search for channels of adventure till the cows come home.

Sign up to join us on Tuesday 28th July at 12:30 pm to explore an entirely new safari terrain, finding the joys in the tamer side of ‘wild’ life. Please send your questions in beforehand to Kim on [email protected].