07 Mar 2024

SADC Makes Headway on Regional Tourism Development Goals

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Southern Africa has made notable strides with its SADC Tourism Programme 2020-2030, a comprehensive plan to develop a sustainable regional tourism industry. Backed by Germany's development cooperation agency GIZ, the programme aims to remove obstacles hindering tourism growth.

Among the notable initiatives already in motion are:

1. Enhancing SADC Tourist Borders: A proactive initiative is underway to improve tourist experiences at SADC borders. The focus is on auditing existing conditions at Kazungula and Beitbridge to identify best practices, gaps, and opportunities. This aims to streamline processes, making border crossings more efficient across the region.

2. SADC Univisa Development: Following the Council of Ministers' approval of a legal framework and revenue-sharing models, a pilot project involving five countries has been launched. This initiative aims to facilitate seamless visitor movement, enhance the travel experience, and boost tourism.

3. SADC Air Access Study: Ongoing efforts to enhance air access within the region involve workshops with government and aviation stakeholders. These efforts highlight the interconnectedness of tourism and aviation while addressing sector-specific challenges.

4. Tourism Disaster Management and Crisis Communication Strategy: A comprehensive strategy has been developed to enhance the region's preparedness and resilience in facing tourism-related crises. The first pilot training session for public sector stakeholders has already been conducted.

5. Customer Service Training for Immigration and Border Staff: The SADC Secretariat is leading the development of customer service training programs for immigration officers and border post staff. This initiative aims to improve the border crossing experience for visitors.

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Source: SADC