10 Mar 2020

Reaction Vs Reality: How to Make Responsible and Sensible Travel Plans


How may travel plans be disrupted? What would happen if I became ill during my travels?

As global citizens, making responsible and proactive decisions are key to having a positive impact on world wide health issues. Hideaways’ CEO Katja Quasdorf shares an interesting and enlightening conversation she held with Dr Simon King from Park Doctor, highlighting the importance of collaboration across business sectors and countries, finding strength in unity as the Covid-19 situation continues.

Reliable and accessible information is vital to myth-busting the myriad of stories spread about the virus, maintaining an approach of ambassadors of facts and not fear. Dr Simon King explains how to avoid high risk situations, at home as well as in travel, and how to judge the best response in our respective organisations and as individuals to set a healthy precedent for the future.