27 Sep 2021

Newsflash! Lemala Camps and Lodges Are Fully Vaccinated.


Newsflash! Every one of our 267 Lemala staff are now fully vaccinated with either the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in Tanzania or Astra Zeneca in Uganda.

"The health, and wellbeing of both our guests and staff is fundamental to everyone at Lemala. Naturally, we will do anything we can to protect them. We issued the first COVID protocols in Tanzania, hosted the first international guests to mainland Tanzania back in late May 2020, have safely accommodated international visitors at all our camps throughout the current COVID era and demonstrate that Lemala is indeed ahead of the curve when it comes to vaccination levels.

Our responsibility to care for the health of both staff and guests under pins each and every decision we take. Our staff will continue to encourage hand washing and will continue to wear face masks - as we believe that with these and other measures in place our guests will be able to relax, enjoy and experience their time on safari safely in the knowledge they won’t get sick or make anyone else sick. After all, - looking after people is what we do best," said James Haigh, Head of Sales and Marketing.