Our properties are located in the heart of the wilderness, allowing our guests to connect deeply with the environment, while still experiencing supreme comfort and service. Open game-drive vehicles, professional guides, first-class cuisine and year-round game viewing are hallmarks of a Lemala stay. With properties in Arusha, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, the Serengeti and the River Nile, Lemala offers an authentic safari experience throughout the famed Northern Circuit; a naturally splendid region of Tanzania and one of the most celebrated wildlife areas in Africa, as well as in a unique location on the Nile in Uganda.

Tanzania is a wildlife paradise, home to an incredible abundance of animals and immense natural drama. When it comes to wildlife and beautiful landscapes in Africa, Northern Tanzania is the place to head to. It’s a land of superlatives, from the continent’s highest mountain to one of the greatest wildlife spectacles on the planet. Few people forget their first encounter with the Serengeti, home to incomparable wildlife, or the uniqueness of Tarangire’s baobab-and-elephant kingdom, or venturing down into Ngorongoro’s crater, which can feel like returning to earth’s first morning. This is also a journey among the Maasai, the Hadzabe and others whose presence here make this one of Africa’s most stirring and soulful destinations. Uganda is home to incomparable mountain gorillas and to Jinja, the historic source of the mighty Nile River and the adrenaline capital of East Africa.

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From Plastic Bottles to School Desk

Website http://www.duniadesigns.org/

Lemala Camps and Lodges continues to lead the way by the removal of plastic bottles from inside the national parks and conservation areas and converting them to school desks.

Our school desk project was born with the opening of Lemala Mpingo Ridge and Lemala Nanyukie when, as a company, we banned the use of plastic bottles in all our properties and replaced them with aluminum water bottles issued to each guest on arrival. The plan was sound, however we failed to factor in the plastic waste that was brought into our camps by companies still providing plastic bottles in their vehicles and lunch boxes. We needed a plan to deal with the plastic bottles that were coming our way for disposal. We worked with Dunia Design to manufacture a recycled plastic bin for each property, one full bin would be enough plastic for Dunia to make a fully recycled school desk. To date we have removed over 100 tons of plastic from Tanzanian parks and produced 175 recycled school desks that have been donated to Chief Lebolo’s School and the Nainokanoka Primary School at Ngorongoro.

Collection bins, also made from recycled plastic by #Dunia Designs a sustainable and socially enterprising company specializing in recycling plastic waste in Arusha – each collecting enough plastic to make one school desk and 2 chairs. 1 BIN takes approximately 375 – 400 1.5 litre bottles, or700+ half litre bottles or 1000 small soda bottles.

For only USD135 per set (1 x desk + 2 chairs) we can all make a difference to rid plastic from our national parks and conservation areas and support local education.

We saved over 300,000 plastic bottles ending up in landfills and used much of our old stock to make plastic school desks for local schools

[email protected]

Upendo logo.jpeg
Reusable Sanitary Pad Project

Website http://upendowomensfoundation.org/

Sanitary pad poverty is a global problem and especially prevalent in the Maasai communities where sanitary items are simply not available, this in turn leads to poor attendance in school and other female sexual health issues. Our reusable sanitary pad project was born in response to a request from one of our male staff members who thought it brutally unfair that his sisters, and the girls in his community, could not attend school whilst they were menstruating. The project is in its third year and we have to date distributed over 3000 reusable sanitary pads to young Maasai girls in remote schools. The project is funded entirely from the sale of reusable sanitary pad packs in our Lemala curio shops. The packs are produced for us locally in Arusha by an NGO Women’s Group - Upendo Women’s foundation. Guests can purchase the packs for $10 each and at the end of each month they are distributed to girls in the schools with the help of the team and community nurse. The project is hugely successful, more importantly it provides a platform for our friends at - The Pioneer For Women And Youth Transformation (PIWYOT) to provide equally critical education on female sexual health, contraception and other taboo subjects that could not be tackled without the practical exercise of sanitary pad distribution in schools in Maasai communities.

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