18 Nov 2018

Mountain gorillas no longer critically endangered

Great Lakes Safaris is celebrating as the country’s most precious natural resource, mountain gorillas have been moved from Critically Endangered to Endangered thanks to collaborative conservation efforts.

An update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species which was announced on Wednesday has improved the status of the mountain gorilla to endangered thanks to conservation efforts from the wildlife authorities of Uganda and its neighbouring countries Rwanda and Republic of Congo. 

Intensive conservation action and the positive engagement of the communities living around their forest habitat has given renewed hope for the Mountain Gorilla. The 2008 Mountain Gorilla population was estimated to be around 680 individuals, but 2018 estimates show that it has increased to over 1,000, the highest figure ever recorded.

Amos Wekesa, CEO of Great Lakes safaris commented “The fact that numbers of mountain gorillas are increasing so positively is fantastic news. The conservation efforts helping protect these species are only possible through the support of tourism and people coming to trek for Gorillas. Not only is it a magical experience but tourists are also giving back to the species every time they see them. Vital tourism dollars are helping to protect and conserve the species and ensure humans and gorillas can thrive alongside each other.”