15 May 2020

Matetsi Victoria Falls very own "Lion King's" - A Story of Hope

5C70-resized-lions.jpeg 5C70-resized-lions.jpeg

This amazing Story of Hope beautifully written by Matetsi’s very own Sara Gardiner is a very special account of the resilience of nature. A true life Lion King story that makes a very beautiful bed time story for the little ones and a general feel good one for the rest.  

They were born into a dusty barren world during the height of our dry season in September 2019, where the colour green didn’t exist. Their mother was part of a large pride of lions (about 10 or so). In those first months, she kept them safe, within a forested area on a steep hill, while the rest of the pride roamed to hunt. With just two of them, she wasn’t risking anything.

Read here how the story unfolds and keep your eyes peeled for an update to follow soon.