12 Jun 2024

Look "Beyond the Dust" with Onguma


Onguma Nature Reserve on the fringe of Namibia's iconic Etosha National Park has just released its latest documentary titled “Beyond the Dust" offering a captivating, hour-long peek behind the scenes into wildlife conservation on the ground.

With its vast expanse of 34,000 hectares, Onguma is a pristine wilderness area, with a firm focus on biodiversity conservation. Despite facing immense challenges, including habitat loss, climate change, poaching and human-wildlife conflict, the reserve's team, led by Reserve Manager Yona, is committed to safeguarding the reserve and the wildlife that call it home.

Utilizing advanced surveillance technology, rigorous patrolling and community engagement, the APU ensures the safety and preservation of Onguma's diverse wildlife, particularly rhinos. It takes dedication, passion, bravery - and a constantly evolving arsenal of tactics to monitor and protect Onguma’s precious wildlife populations and stay ahead of the game.

This documentary, directed by Felix Wackerbauer, delves into the delicate balance between conservation and sustainable tourism, showcasing Onguma's commitment to preserving the region's unique flora and fauna for generations to come.

This real-life conservation success story, filmed on Onguma by Wackerbauer, including incredible wildlife footage by Jan-Joost and Nadia Snijders, is available to watch on YouTube

Please feel free to share/embed the video to grow awareness of how tourism can be a force for good.

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