25 May 2020

Living in Plan B and the Importance of Resilience

Reflection, hindsight and adaptation are the principal words on the universal streets at the moment. By attempting to strategize for an uncertain future while trying to find answers in a familiar and certain past, we often find ourselves stumped. However, in this excavation of ideas and strategies, in the midst of absolute uncertainty and crisis, we have uncovered the steadfast theme and attitude of resilience within our industry.

In the archaeology of our past visions for Hideaways, CEO Katja Quasdorf gave a speech on the Fuse platform at the We Are Africa Travel Show last year. Re-watching and reflecting on Katja’s words – it was almost as if she was giving us advice for the situation we find ourselves in today as business owners, conservation custodians, and family members. She speaks about resilience not being an aptitude we are born with, but something we learn through trauma and adversity, through times when we find ourselves breaking open. Here, through these cracks, the light creeps through, and our resilience grows.

Each and every business is seeking the light at the end of the tunnel. Mistakes are being made and lessons are being learned. And in these trials and tribulations, we become allies, facing the same economical, ecological and emotional challenges. We also understand that hardship is not equal – those have less, lose more and those who risk more, lose more – as Katja reiterates in her speech. It is here where our responsibility lies to learn from our mistakes together and help those who are being hit a little harder by this storm.

“Plan B is achieving a better plan A” Katja

Now that we find ourselves living in Plan B there is no better time to share and utilise our collected wisdom and maintain our resilience for our families, business and wild spaces.

Watch the full video here for a much needed daily dose of inspiration.