19 Dec 2019

International Bestselling Author Tony Park, Writes About His First Official Visit to New Hideaways Lodge Nantwich


Tony Park is the renowned international author of Africa based thrillers such as Scent of Fear and Far Horizon. The Australian author spends large parts of the year in southern Africa researching and writing his books, some of which have become bestsellers. Tony has a special connection with Hwange National Park, and has even based some of his stories there.

He has recently taken the plunge into further cementing that connection by partnering with Hideaways’ new lodge in the park, Nantwich. Tony regularly visited the area when it was still a Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority self-catering camp and was the one who mentioned its appropriateness to Garth Jenman as an excellent location for a new lodge.

He was one of the first to visit once the new lodge was up and running. It was a trip with a lot weighing on it, would it live up to his expectations? Would the magic still be there? Find out here.