20 May 2020

International Author Tony Parks Speaks Effective Communication Tools


International best-selling author Tony Park and Hideaways CEO Katja Quasdorf discuss communication strategies in the context of crisis and perpetual change. 

As we continue to adapt to this fluid environment – with rules, regulations and life options changing daily, it becomes necessary for us to adapt our communication patterns to clear, concise and decisive content. Entrepreneurs and content developers now have a dual role to play in providing newsworthy information, as well as satiating people’s hunger for hope.

With a mini news empire at our fingertips, content needs to inspire as well as educate, taking time to understand target audience while building a sustainable and consistent communication plan, using the correct channels. Our industry, as our audience, are eager for inspiration as well as credible facts, and we need to find a balance in this new playing field.

We didn’t previously have the time to indulge in creating relationships and sharing stories as we do now, and without being able to physically make contact, we are sustained through words. The messages we send out are the lifeblood of our industry, whether it be to your team, donors, agents or government officials, and Tony speaks into how we can arm ourselves with effective communication tools to achieve our goals.

To harness your communication strategies to their full potential, listen to the recent recording of the above webinar hosted by We are Africa below.