30 Jun 2023

Hideaways Welcomes Sulet Burger-Prinsloo as New Head, Ushering in a New Era of Excellence


Hideaways, the renowned hospitality brand, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sulet Burger-Prinsloo as its new head, marking an exciting chapter in the brand's journey. Sulet's unwavering commitment and dedication to Hideaways for the past 10 years have been truly remarkable, making her the ideal choice to lead the company into the future. Having served as the Hospitality Manager for several years, Sulet has exhibited an exceptional eye for detail and a genuine passion for creating memorable hospitality experiences, elevating the brand to new heights.

Sulet's profound connection with Southern Africa has been a driving force behind her involvement in Hideaways. Her deep understanding and appreciation for the region's unique landscapes, cultures, and people have not only enriched her work but have also inspired the brand's authentic and immersive offerings. With her visionary leadership and ability to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Sulet has created a strong sense of community within the Hideaways team and among the valued guests.

Sulet's journey leading up to this pivotal role has been nothing short of fascinating. After running her own business for several years, she decided to pursue a career in fashion design. However, her true calling lay in operations and marketing, and she embarked on a job search that eventually led her to Hideaways in 2013. Sulet successfully applied for the lodges administrator role and quickly made her mark. Throughout her tenure, she effectively managed the Hideaways properties, spearheading notable projects such as the remarkable Nantwich Lodge.

One of Sulet's greatest strengths lies in her ability to develop staff and help them reach their full potential. Her leadership style is defined by leading by example and finding the perfect individuals for each task. Sulet firmly believes in the power of teamwork, stating, "I do not have to know how to do everything, but I have to know how to find the right person to do the job." This mindset has been instrumental in shaping the growth and success of the Hideaways brand.

Looking ahead, Sulet has grand aspirations for Hideaways. Her vision encompasses expanding the brand's dominance across southern Africa and establishing more remarkable properties throughout the region. Furthermore, Sulet's unwavering commitment to elevating the guest experience ensures that Hideaways will continuously enhance its product offerings in uniquely captivating ways.

Under Sulet's leadership, Hideaways is poised to embark on an exciting new chapter. Her passion for excellence and dedication to creating exceptional guest experiences will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the brand. The entire Hideaways team is thrilled to welcome Sulet as the head of the company and eagerly anticipates the remarkable adventures that lie ahead.

The appointment of Sulet as the new Head of Hideaways is a testament to her outstanding contributions and unwavering commitment to the brand. With Sulet at the helm, there is no doubt that Hideaways will continue to flourish and thrive, offering unparalleled experiences and further solidifying its position as a leader in the hospitality industry. The future looks bright as Hideaways sets its course under Sulet's exceptional care and leadership.

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