27 Sep 2019

Hideaways CEO Invited To Speak At A Premier Of The Lion King Raising Awareness For Lion Conservation


Did you know that since the 1994 release of the first The Lion King film we have lost 50 % of the wild lion population? This is a statistic that shocked most attendees of Hideaways’ conservation talk at a Belgium premiere of Disney's new Lion King film, where CEO Katja was invited to speak on behalf of CWF (Conservation & Wildlife Fund).

She believes that Disney may have missed an opportunity to alarm viewers of the state of our wilderness areas and conservation issues right before or after the screening; however openly applauds the private sector and conservation ambassadors for having taken this opportunity to create much-needed awareness to conserve lions and our wilderness areas.

Organisations like CWF and the Lion Recovery Fund are only two examples; we need to be a voice for the voiceless and start roaring loudly for their protection before there aren't any of these magnificent creatures left in the wild. If you would like to look through her presentation please click here.