27 Mar 2019

Hideaways CEO Explaining The Benefits Of Coopetition At WTM’s Speaker’s Corner

Hideaways CEO Katja Quasdorf has been invited to give a talk at WTM about a subject very dear to our hearts: Combining forces in the pursuit of the greater good! In fact, she has since adopted the neologism ‘co-opetition’ - the practice of business competitors putting aside their rivalries in the spirit of selfless cooperation, in this case in the dedicated fight against poaching. Katja will also highlight how agents themselves can significantly affect conservation efforts, as they are clients’ first point of contact when planning a safari holiday and can already provide valuable input on conservation awareness as well as inspire clients to become more involved. If you are attending WTM Africa stop by Speaker’s Corner on 10 April at 13h00 to hear what it’s all about. Click here to find out more.