07 Dec 2020

Hideaways: A Spoken Letter to the Travel Tribe, Part Two

D58F-hideaways-youtube-thumbnail-2.png D58F-hideaways-youtube-thumbnail-2.png

“The touch zone of friendship is to witness. It is the privilege of seeing each other’s vulnerability and walking through it together. We need to believe in each other and to accompany each other on a journey impossible to accomplish alone”.

In a moment of shared resilience and call for connection, CEO Katja Quasdorf imparted these words 7 months ago, at the very beginning of the world changing. The reality we have globally experienced since undoubtedly could not have been done alone, and as we go forward that is one certainty we can attest to. 

Some days it feels like we haven’t moved an inch, although much time has passed. However, we have mourned, persevered, created and adapted through loss, support, and hope. Katja speaks to both the industry and travelers again today, delivering a reminder of solidarity and passion. 

Exploration, adventure and connection are a part of the human spirit and this won’t change. It is these elements within us that will keep travel alive. As Katja reiterates,

By being powerful with our words and actions, we as an industry have an opportunity to intentionally influence the evolvement of travel in a responsible way and to talk about how travel is possible; framing flexibility and reframing uncertainty”.

To travelers – it may seem overwhelming – with patience and the skillsets available, journeys remain possible. 

“Let’s be intentional with our actions to reawaken travel and with that create opportunities for our communities and funds for the protection of our wilderness areas. If we communicate what we believe in, we will inspire the world to do the same”.

Watch the full spoken letter here as a reminder of how believing in each other has shaped us, and our responsibility to make choices which shape the future of our conservation spaces and global communities.