04 Jun 2020

Expect anything and assume nothing: Dr Ian McCallum speaks into Survival Strategies from the Wild – an interview hosted by Hideaways



The animal kingdom lives on the edge of crisis. Every day presents life and death situations in which, in order to survive, one needs to be awake, alert and aware. Dr Ian McCallum encourages us to, like wild animals, expect anything and assume nothing. This tool will help you too, to survive in crisis.

Reiterating that we are in fact inseparable from nature, Dr McCallum reminds us that we have the inherent tools of survival deep in our psyche. It is through coming home to our roots and reconnecting to the wilderness where we reawaken our skills for survival as a species.

“Uncertainty is essential for life. It is the driving force of our evolution.” Dr Ian McCallum

Understanding the power and value of stress growth during a crisis is of utmost significance to our emotional wealth.  By observing and implementing the survival strategies of nature using its intelligence, expertise and resilience to transform, we too can surface from this turmoil with renewed perspective and meaning in our newfound state of existence.

In order to fully appreciate these wise words of Dr Ian McCallum, listen to his conversation with CEO Katja Quasdorf here – learning how the healing power of nature and coming home to our wild spaces is pivotal in our development.