11 May 2020

Beyond all Borders: Hideaways explores the Connective Nature of Storytelling: Facebook Live with Tony Park


Stories know no boundaries and have limitless possibilities, a shared trait with the passion and commitment of the travel industry. While borders may be closed, and temporary bans remain implemented, tourism continues to share a deep love and respect for nature, persevering in its’ pursuit of imaginative solutions.

Transformative times call for transformative measures, and at Hideaways we salute, support, and are inspired by those who have their lateral thinking caps on. A wealth of creativity and shared knowledge has transpired from our collective wisdom. 

We have connected with international best-selling author and partner at Hideaways’ Nantwich Lodge, Tony Park, a master storyteller. Tony shares his expertise, allowing us to harness our emotional, spiritual, and intellectual journeys. Having written 17 novels about Africa with fervent passion, Tony teaches how to fall in love with the unpredictable, allowing theme and plot to present themselves in their own time.

To gain insight and skills from the experience of a best-selling author, and perhaps try your own hand at scribing the next chapter of your African tale, engage with the recording of our Facebook Live interview with Tony Park.