04 Dec 2020

ATTA Appoints New South African Advisor

2A47-katja.jpg 8389-kq-square.png

Katja Quasdorf, CEO of Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways has joined the ATTA Advisory Board as South African Director taking over from André Laget after his six year term came to an end.

Being CEO of Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways has been more than just a career for Katja Quasdorf, it has provided a channel to express her passion for Africa, as well as making an impact. Years of dedication, involvement and unrelenting curiosity have kept Katja’s resilience and commitment alive, always in pursuit of new opportunities and challenging ideals. She has an insatiable hunger to seek and share experience as well asto encourage people to grow. This attitude towards travel and people places her in the position to advise and reframe our perspectives through years of collected experience, distributing this knowledge in the vision of shaping Africa’s tourism into one of life-changing journeys, with a positive impact.

“Being asked to join the ATTA Advisory board in my capacity of a ‘specialist’ in Southern Africa, especially in these times, is an extremely meaningful opportunity. I am intrigued to see how us tourism professionals will contribute to shape Africa’s tourism and conservation landscape in the next months in particular, but also in the next years to come. There is a tangible possibility to change the narrative, provide new opportunities and educate more people on the impact and choices they can make. Having been given the platform to contribute on such a dynamic, passionate and holistically structured board delivers an exciting prospect to do just that”.

By carrying her role with grace and intentional influence, Katja has managed to marry tourism, conservation and community into every conversation pertaining to successful travel. Connecting operators, travel agents and responsible tourism initiatives is the way forward – protecting our wild spaces and people through incredible experiences. Katja urges us all to be intentional with our choices, “communicating what we believe in to inspire the world to do the same”.

John Corse, ATTA Chairman commented: I am delighted to be able to welcome Katja to the ATTA Advisory Board. Her breadth of experience in our industry, her energy and her sound judgement will be of enormous benefit to the board and all members.