02 Nov 2023

Africa Showcase Latin America 2023: It's time for Africa

Africa Showcase Latin America_Mexico City - Trade Event_180.jpg

ATTA® continued its partnership with On Show Solutions, offering access to markets and roadshow solutions, supporting the recent event in Latin America.

Across the three cities, exhibitors engaged with 185 top leisure operators and agents, who immersed themselves in the African ambience and hospitality to discover more opportunities for their clients.

Latin American travellers increasingly seek unique experiences, particularly in areas such as honeymoons, family holidays, gastronomic adventures, cultural immersion and photographic expeditions. African companies focusing on such experiences are poised to capture the interest of these markets.

Sustainability and environmental concerns are becoming critical factors in travel decisions. Travellers are increasingly conscious of the impacts of over-tourism and climate change. They are seeking sustainable and purposeful travel experiences.