Finally, More Clarity on UK Travel Restriction Methodology

ATTAs lobbying work continues via our industry groups and in our own right.  One of the grey areas about the current Covid 19 travel restrictions in the UK is around statistics - the who, what, where and when they are collected and how they are used to influence key government decisions in relation to the travel traffic light system of red, amber and green.  Members may be aware that the Joint Biosecurity Centre (JBC) and the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSS) are at the core of all decisions currently being made by the UK government with regard to travel restrictions.

Through our working group TIA (Travel Industry Alliance), one of our members alerted us to a published letter from Mary Gregory, Deputy Director for Regulation, Office of Statistics Regulation to Johanna Hutchinson, Head of Data and Data Science, Joint Biosecurity Centre (link below) asking for more clarity and transparency in relation to figures reported and how they influence government's decisions.

Click here: Office of Statistics Regulation Letter - Mary Gregory to Johanna Hutchinson

TIA members seized the opportunity and wrote a letter back to Mary Gregory welcoming her action and reiterating our own lobbying messages regarding government transparency when making decisions relating to travel restrictions

Click here: TIA Letter to Mary Gregory

Mary Gregory replied to the TIA letter recently advising that shortly after its receipt, the DHSS updated its information, making some welcome improvements including greater clarity and useful links.

Click here: Updated Risk Assessment Methodology to Inform International Travel Traffic Light System

The above is just another example of the lobbying work ATTA is working on and our industry links are a valuable source of intelligence for us all.