SANParks celebrates South Africa’s first black game capture-rated pilot

SANParks announced the historic news that David Simelane  has officially been named as South Africa’s first black game capture-rated pilot.

Simelane, who goes by the nickname “Blackhawk”, received this honour on December 2, after he completed his game capture rating with flying colours. The game capture rating is an endorsement on his pilot license, which Simelane acquired over a decade ago.

Acquiring a game capture rating is a very complex pilot endorsement rating where a helicopter pilot needs to take into consideration the environment, animals, and the crew all while managing the actual helicopter itself.

Simelane has been a helicopter pilot for 16 years and has flown all over the world including Madagascar and South Sudan. ‘I have a passion for flying and now I get to combine that with my love for wildlife and nature. I wake up in the morning knowing that every flight I do is to make a difference in nature conservation and in people’s lives,’ he said in a statement.

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Source: Getaway