Vic Falls tourism to get a boost

An initiative to boost tourism in and around Victoria Falls has been launched by the Zimbabwean government and the International Finance Corporation.

The ‘Victoria Falls Area Tourism Development Plan’ is part of the multi-year Zimbabwe Destination Development Programme, an advisory plan launched in January to support the recovery of Zimbabwe’s tourism sector.

The plan will realise the potential of the Victoria Falls area in a feasible, phased, and sustainable way. It will recommend detailed actions in areas such as data collection, marketing and skills development, infrastructure, and viable project investments.

“The plan is needed to support the destination’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and build longer-term resilience and pathways to growth,” said Permanent Secretary for Tourism, Munesu Mundowafa.

Destination development firm, Freedthinkers, will lead the development process. “This is an exciting opportunity for all stakeholders to build a new future for Victoria Falls. We believe in the power of many minds to co-create a generosity of ideas, to balance conservation with development, and to respect and promote a unique sense of place,” said ceo, Mike Freedman.

Source: Travel News