The story of Baloo the white rhino bull

The southern white rhino is classified as near threatened, with a population of around 18,000 individuals. They are the only rhino species not listed as endangered.

Baloo, a 15-year-old white rhino bull was the last remaining individual in a game reserve in South Africa. Due to rampant poaching, authorities were concerned for his safety and the dedicated conservationists at Care for Wild were called in.

The operation included tracking him, then tranquillising, de-horning and relocating him to a safe space to ensure his survival.

‘Thanks to a network of dedicated people, Baloo was safely relocated to the Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ) at Care for Wild where he will become part of a free roaming viable breeding population that will safeguard the future of the species,’ Care for Wild wrote on Facebook.

‘Even though we sit with a great many challenges in the protection of animals, we would like to acknowledge all of the organizations and people whose passion and dedication to their protection, is having a hopeful, positive and global impact.’

Source: Getaway