Sylvester the lion’s offspring are back in the Karoo

Sylvester the lion rose to fame in 2015 for his escape artist antics. The male lion escaped from the Karoo National Park twice and took expert trackers on a wild goose chase for over 350km, where he was nicknamed ‘Spook’. On his adventure, Sylvester feasted on 28 sheep, a Nguni cow, and a kudu.

Following Sylvester’s second runaround, this time with a tracking collar, SANParks made the decision to relocate the unsettled lion to the Addo Elephant National Park.

Here he’d have an opportunity to grow and develop, away from the pressures of the other males at Karoo National Park. Sylvester was moved in May 2016, and it turned out to be a match made in heaven. The once-restless male quickly settled down with a female named Angel, with whom he sired two sons (Cambro and Gamke).

He shares the coalition with a younger male, Fielies, who fathered two cubs (Cat and Liam) with Angel’s sister, Nicka.

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Source: Getaway