Heaviside’s dolphins put on spectacular show near Dias Point

Researchers from the Lüderitz Marine Research in Namibia were treated to an amazing sight on Sunday, October 4 when a pod of Heaviside’s dolphins put on an acrobatic show.

The crew were near Dias Point around lunchtime on Sunday after looking for Bottlenose dolphins in Luderitz, Nambia as they had received tip-offs that they had been sighted in the area. Suddenly, a pod of Heaviside’s dolphin’s appeared and greeted the team with a memorable performance.

‘Despite the wind reaching unpleasant strength, the dolphins were in a great mood and the show was full of backflips, up-ended jumps, cork-screw aerial manoeuvers etc… A great spectacle indeed,’ Lüderitz Marine Research writes on Facebook.

‘Due to the unpleasant weather the full show could not be recorded photographically as it deserved… But these few shots might give you an idea of what you have missed!’

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Source: Getaway