Incredible lion sighting at Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve

Sipps Maswannganyi, the Head Guide at Cheetah Plains Private Game Reserve photographed an incredible lion sighting on September 16.

The lions, known as the Talamati Pride in the Northern Sabi Sabi within the Kruger National Park, consists of 15 big cats: 5 females, 9 sub adults and one Avoca Male.

Getaway spoke to Sipps about the encounter. He explained that while on a game drive with guests, he located the pride about one and a half hours after sunset.

‘They looked like they were on a hunt and we decided to stay with them, followed them through the bushes, in the direction of this waterhole.’ Sipps knew the animals would stop to drink before continuing with their hunt. In anticipation of their next move, he drove to the watering hole.

‘With much experience, we knew they would need a drink before they continue searching for their prey,’ he said.

Sipps left the pride in anticipation of their arrival at the watering hole. He then set the vehicle up in the perfect position to capture the moment.

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Source: Getaway