First Sub-Saharan Africa Tourism Acceleration programme launches

A new online acceleration programme has launched for the African tourism sector, aiming to digitize the industry.  

Developed by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in partnership with Google, the acceleration programme will be aimed at UNWTO Member States’ tourism minsiters, top travel assocations and tourism boards. 

Natalia Bayona, UNWTO Director of Innovation, Digital Transformation and Investments expresses that they are committed to rejuvinating the tourism sector across the continent.

“UNWTO is committed to helping Africa grow back stronger.With the right policies, training and management in place, innovation and technology have the potential to foster new and better jobs and business opportunities for tourism in Africa while improving the overall wellbeing and prosperity of the region.”

The lockdown period severely affected the tourism sector in South Africans, with many local and international tourism businesses closing down. According to reports by UNWTO, tourism represents 9% of the global trade for Africa and accounts for one in 10 jobs directly or indirectly. In addition, this report found that 54% of the tourism workforce is made up of women.

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Source: Ventureburn